The 5 Most Popular Warehouse Shelving Systems

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If you’ve ever spent any time at all looking around a warehouse, then chances are you’ve seen some variation of warehouse shelving systems on display. This can include wire, metal and plastic shelving options to name a few. Each type of storage space has its own particular purpose, while at the same time providing for the efficiency of a well-organized, clean and tidy storage space. Here are the top five most popular warehouse shelving varieties in use today:

STEEL & WALL. Metal and warehouse shelving is by far the most popular and common form of warehouse shelving used in warehouses and other commercial buildings. This is largely due to its cheap and long-lasting material, the robustness of which ensures it will stand up to the harshness of whatever you have to store or organize without falling over or bending. Due to the fact that steel shelving systems come in a wide variety of sizes, designs and colors, they are also perfect for any specific industrial setting, from modern office buildings to large warehouses and factory settings.

PALLETS & Racks. This particular type of warehouse shelving is utilized more in the commercial world than in any other, primarily due to its wide range of sizes, colors and designs to choose from. A pallet rack is often comprised of various stacked up pallets, which are made of varying materials – some of which may include wood, cardboard or even metal – to help distribute and efficiently store any given product group. A good pallet rack is designed to withstand years of intense use, but is still very much affordable compared to some of the other forms of industrial shelving out there.