What is an Email Validator?

An email validator is a tool that checks the validity of an email address before it is sent to a recipient. It is an essential part of an email marketing campaign and can save you money, time and reputation.

How it works

An email validation tool is a web service that validates email addresses in real-time across the buyer’s journey. This includes opt-in, newsletters, signup forms and downloads, contest entries, event registrations, surveys and other places where an email address is required.

Why it’s needed

The primary reason to validate an email address is to ensure that the recipient is legitimate. This is crucial for sending email campaigns that generate engagement and deliver the best results.

The Importance of Email Validation for Your Business Communications

Most email validation tools or services only check the syntax of an email address – that is, they verify that a full stop and standard suffix are in the correct format (such as mike@mike@dd). This is not enough to determine whether or not an email address actually works and is linked to a valid mailbox.

A good email validator uses a combination of rules and tests to weed out invalid addresses instantly. These tests look beyond simple syntax and identify shortcomings in the address that are not apparent to a human eye.

How it works

A good email validator works in the background and helps you get more out of your emails by keeping a clean list of authentic contacts. This keeps you out of the spam trap, protects your sending reputation and increases your return on investment.

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