Options For Bachelor(ette) Party

So you’ve been engaged for a while now and it’s time to plan the bachelor(ette) party. The first question you have is “What do we call this?”

Bachelor parties have come a long way from the days of going to a strip club, drinking too much, and getting kicked out by security because you ran up on stage with your pants down trying to poke one of the ‘exotic dancers’.

One thing has remained constant though. Guys like strippers (and chicks like strippers…probably). It’s an awkward situation when she asks what part of the night was supposed to be reserved for her or worse; there is no plan B; they didn’t prepare an event in case she showed up!

The traditional bachelor(ette) party is a thing of the past. Guys and girls no longer want to get together at a club, get drunk, and stumble home at 3 am.

Everyone wants to go out with their friends when they are in their prime…when the body is fully developed when the mind is working at its best capabilities when people can fully appreciate what’s happening around them.

A wedding changes everything about how you spend your time with old friends; people may have kids or be getting up there in years so gather all your best buds while you still can!

Throwing a bachelor(ette) party that everyone will enjoy takes some research but it’s worth it in the end. It helps if both sides come together and decide on the party.

Guys don’t want to hear that ‘all they are going to do is play video games, girls don’t want to hear that ‘they are just going out drinking with all their friends.’ Get everyone’s opinion, factor in the cost of what they want to do/see/experience, and choose something that works for everyone involved.

Now let’s discuss some options for bachelor(ette) parties…

Option 1: 

Go somewhere warm or cold depending on your preference with a bunch of buddies, rent a house (or hotel if you’re cheap), play cards, throw darts at balloons filled with alcohol, barbecue everything in sight, swim in the pool when it gets too hot out, have copious amounts of alcohol, and enjoy the vacation.

This is great if your party favours staying active and not sitting around as it becomes easy to get carried away with drinking and games.

The drawback: Some people may not be able to drink as much as you due to health conditions or certain medications they take; this means they’ll end up hating themselves for what they can’t do/drink; also, planning a big event like this will require coordination that some people won’t want to bother with (but it’s worth it in the end!)

Option 2: 

Rent out a restaurant/bar/club/sports venue, hire a DJ (or band), make sure there are lots of tables and seats; pay extra money for reserved spots (this will cut down on the number of people standing around).

The drawback: You’ll be stuck with one or two locations that you have to go to for the night. If you do a restaurant/bar/club combo, this could mean long periods where your party favours sitting and talking while sipping their drinks.

These types of events are great if you’re trying to avoid drinking too much but everyone else wants to get drunk since it’s going to be easy for them to buy another round without being physically at a bar.

Option 3: 

This is a fun option for those who want something in between options 1 and 2. Rent out a restaurant/bar/sports venue, hire a band (or DJ), set up reserved seating, and purchase enough seats for everyone that plans on attending the event (i.e. if it’s a group of 10 guys and 5 girls, purchase 15 tickets; this will ensure that people aren’t standing around).

The drawback: Everything costs money and it can become expensive to pull off since you don’t want the ‘cheap guy/girl’ showing up and having to stand with no place to sit! It won’t be as raucous as option 2 but it will cost more than option 1.  Also, make sure to factor in transportation costs.

If someone is coming from out of state or out of the country, they may have additional expenses so include those in your final price breakdown.

Option 4: 

Vegas should always be your number 1 choice when it comes to bachelor(ette) parties! If you’re in Vegas, you can do anything your heart desires; if you want to go out drinking, there are bars everywhere. Want to play sports?

No problem, tons of venues offer this for a price (although many people think they should be free or discounted due to so many people walking around). Also, the food in Vegas is amazing and cheap especially compared to other parts of the country. There are so many activities to experience so you really can’t go wrong with Vegas.

The drawback: It’s fucking expensive! Hotel rooms cost hundreds of dollars a night which means each guy will have to pay at least $200 even if he isn’t staying at the hotel.

Plus, airfare for those who are flying in will cost around $1,000 per person (and that’s if they’re travelling from another state or country) so now you’re talking about $3,000 just to fly everyone here! Not to mention food costs, transportation costs, and activity prices (if any).

If you do go with this option (which is highly recommended), make sure your guest of honour knows beforehand in case he/she can afford it; also make sure not too many people come because splitting up the costs among a larger group is impossible since Vegas hotels only allow a certain number of people in each suite/room.

Option 5: 

Do something different like scuba diving, hiking trips through national parks, skydiving, etc. People are out in nature which means there is no alcohol involved so everyone will be relaxed after the event.

The drawback: You’ll need transportation to get to your destination which can double or triple your costs if you pick something that’s too far away from where you’re staying.

Also, some people may have allergies/phobias/fears of certain activities so they won’t want to do it even though they don’t mind being around large bodies of water or elevating high into the sky.

If someone can’t go, that makes it more difficult for you financially since most likely you’ll have to purchase an extra ticket per participant (unless the activity allows for multiple people).

Plus, this option has its own set of costs that can get expensive quickly.

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