DIY Sauna Kit in Australia: Build Your Steam Sauna at Home

Tired of going to the gym and wasting money on a sauna membership? Health-conscious people should be more interested in their health than other people. It is important to stay healthy and fit, using saunas offers many good effects such as increased circulation and blood flow which helps with detoxification.

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Therefore, steam saunas can offer many benefits for your skin too. If you are living in Australia it is possible to make your DIY Sauna Kit and enjoy all these benefits by yourself! 

Here we will explain how to install a homemade sauna kit that includes everything you need:

  • The generator – produced heat
  • The controller – controls and monitors the generator
  • The heater
  • The timer
  • The steam unit
  • The enclosure

How to Make a Sauna at Home in Australia?

A homemade sauna kit includes all of these elements, some may be optional. Once you have made your sauna it is possible to get up to 20 degrees Celsius (68 Fahrenheit) hotter than regular ambient temperature.

It is important to build a good base for the sauna room because it will hold many things such as the generator, controller, heater and more; If this was not built properly then it may cause damage and faulty performance!

Most people who make their saunas use plywood but if someone wants it to be more presentable they use cement board – which is better for steam and if someone wants a wooden outside then they can just put some waterproof material on top of it.

There are many benefits of having your sauna at home and to make one, you must follow these steps:

Step 1

Get the generator, controller and heater properly wired together. There should be no electrical connections in the sauna room; If there were any that touched water (if placed in enclosure or such), then it would cause an electric shock! The steam unit does not go into the hotbox directly but instead goes next to it.

This way, when someone enters the sauna unit they do not get burnt by the steam. Most generators run on gas but some run on electricity too! After you have done this, it is time to test the sauna kit.

Step 2

Test your generator and controller for proper heating, ventilation and insulation of the sauna kit. It must all work properly before putting it in the enclosure! The controller should have a temperature gauge that shows what temperature is being generated inside the hot box so you can check if everything works well or not!

After your kit has been tested for functionality put on the heater – once, again be careful about electrical parts because water may cause short circuits everywhere. That’s why it is important to place wire mesh on top of the heater to avoid this problem!

Step 3

Insulate your sauna kit completely. This includes the ceiling, walls and floor; It is important to use styrofoam because it offers great insulation characteristics which are environmentally friendly too! The steam unit must be insulated too because it would not generate much steam in a cold room.

This way you can get more benefits from your homemade sauna kit which you have spent time building! Try using silicone sealant when insulating to make sure nothing gets wet inside. Additionally, if some part gets wet then it may cause some problems later on so we recommend that sealant be used everywhere possible.

Step 4

Finish the outside of the sauna kit by placing a wood structure on top of it. This is not compulsory but looks better and can be removed if necessary! It is time to put the enclosure up too. If your enclosure is made of wood then make sure you seal all possible gaps with silicone because any leaks will cause it to lose its insulation characteristics!

Step 5

Finally, place water in the steam unit, plug it into the controller and turn it on – you are now ready for a refreshing sauna session that’s good for your health too! You must remember that everything that touches water must be electrically insulated from itself because this would cause issues such as electrocution.

Step 6

Do not forget to read the manual that comes with your kit! This way, you can know how it works and what each part does before building it. You must also keep patience because this may take a lot of time to create if done correctly which is why it will pay off in the long run! If your enclosure gets wet – clean it using hydrogen peroxide so no fungus or mould starts growing on it.

The best thing about creating your sauna kit is that you can do whatever you want with it when finished! Try different layouts or add some accessories for more comfort, there are many possibilities when making one yourself!


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So that’s the six steps in installing a DIY sauna kit in Australia

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