Pros and Cons of Choosing a Limousine For Wedding

Choosing a limousine to pick you up on your wedding day is a great choice. The only times when it might not be the best idea are in cases where money is extremely tight or if getting married somewhere that isn’t accessible by car.

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Pros to choosing a limo for wedding day transportation:

1. They’re fun!  

Whether you’re riding in one with just your spouse-to-be, or one surrounded by your bridal party, there’s nothing quite like watching all your friends whoop and holler as they always imagined themselves doing when they were six years old. Plus, let’s face it – there are very few experiences out there more epic than being whisked away from your wedding in a stretch limo. 

It makes the moment memorable, and even if you’re not riding in one, it can be really fun for your friends to act like they are (this is especially true when that friend tends to overdo all things).

2. They’ve got room!  

Some brides worry that because their wedding party might be larger than average, they won’t have space to accommodate everyone in an ordinary vehicle. This isn’t a problem with a limousine; there’s plenty of room for everyone.

3. You’ll get there stress free!  

Many brides stress about having enough time to prepare before walking down the aisle – it can feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day! Because they’re so reliable, limousines are often on time (or earlier) to pick up their passengers.

This alleviates stress and ensures that you won’t be arriving at your ceremony sweaty or dishevelled after getting lost en route.

4. They’re nice!  

As corny as it might sound, there’s something elegant about riding in a limo for your wedding day – perhaps because it adds a touch of luxury to what is already an opulent occasion.

5. They can get you anywhere!  

Limos are the perfect choice if you plan to get married somewhere that isn’t car-accessible – which means you can park in a parking garage downtown without worrying about driving home afterwards.

Cons to choosing a limo for wedding day transportation:

1. The price tag!  

Although there are ways to cut costs on your limousine, they tend to be more expensive than taking an Uber or even renting a car for the occasion.

If you’re on a tight budget, it might not make sense to splurge on this – but keep in mind that it’s also one of those wedding expenses you’ll never regret paying for.

2. They can’t zip around everywhere!  

It depends on how far your ceremony is from where you are staying, but if you’re getting married somewhere really rural, the chances of having a stretch limo show up are slim – it probably doesn’t go down the dirt roads to get to many places.

Similarly, because limos are so long and heavy, they can’t drive on some of the city streets that other wedding vehicles can – but that isn’t necessarily a con!

3. They’re costly to rent!  

When you add up all the time you’re using the vehicle and the gas and everything else you ultimately tally up quite a pretty penny. Keep in mind it’s an investment worth paying for; if you do your research and find a reliable company, though, at least there are ways to save money.    

4. They take longer than ordinary cars!  

Because of their size (both length and weight), limousines tend to be slower than smaller vehicles – but, again, it all depends on where you’re going.

If your venue is 15 minutes away but the limo takes 20 to get there, that’s not a huge deal – plus it gives you time to enjoy yourself before the ceremony starts.

5. Getting in and out might be awkward!  

As mentioned above, some roads aren’t accessible by limos – making getting in and out a bit of a pain. It might require more coordination than usual – although you can always go for one with a chauffeur who will open your door for you!

In conclusion: whether or not to choose a limousine is something every bride has to decide for herself. In some ways, they add an air of luxury and glamour to your wedding day. In other ways, they’re just not worth the cost for a destination that isn’t too far from where you’re lodging.

In any case, limos are a fab way to get around if you can afford it! Read more to have exceptional limo services. 

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