Boxing Personal Training Awards: 9 Reasons Why They Don’t Work & What You Can Do About It

For those looking for boxing personal training visit this page, boxing has become a very popular way to get into shape. Not only does boxing provide numerous cardio benefits, it also helps build muscle tone and improve balance. Unlike other activities where your level of fitness can be seen by your ability to run or bike further than others, boxing is far more subjective in nature.

This means boxing is an activity that will push you to your physical limits. It’s highly individualized, and due to this, requires the attention of a boxing personal trainer. Boxing Personal Training – Because Boxing is So Individualized it Requires Attention from a Boxing Personal Trainer.

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Personal training boxing may seem like a great idea, but boxing classes are not for everyone. Here are 9 reasons why boxing personal training just doesn’t work out in the long run.

#1 – They’re Physical

Boxing is an incredible physical workout that will have you dripping with sweat after just the first round of punches. If your boxing instructor is boxing with you every round, it will be a challenge to keep up.

#2 – They’re Expensive

Boxing typically costs more than other types of personal training because boxing instructors have specialized equipment, boxing bags and the best space for boxing classes . Anyone can try boxing but not everyone can teach boxing.

This means that boxing instructors often charge more for boxing services. If you are not boxing with your boxing instructor, this means that boxing classes will cost more than other types of personal training because it’s taking up two spots in the gym at one time.

#3 – They’re Unforgiving

Boxing is an unforgiving workout where you can’t cheat on form or take a break. The boxing instructor will immediately correct you and boxing is a type of workout where you can’t stop mid-round for water because boxing instructors need their clients to be 100% focused at all times.

#4 – They’re Inefficient

Boxing isn’t an efficient form of exercise, boxing requires intense focus from the boxing coach every round and boxing classes need to be longer than other types of personal training because boxing is an intense workout.

Boxing workouts can last for 45 minutes or more and boxing requires you move around the entire boxing gym, this means boxing classes will take up a lot of time in your schedule. Time = money and boxing workouts require a lot of it.

#5 – They’re Intense

Boxing requires boxing coaches to be completely present from beginning to end, boxing instructors don’t have the energy to hold a boxing class and cheer you on as you take a break between rounds. The boxing coaches need to focus on their boxing clients 100% of the time.

#6 – They’re Unproductive


Boxing is not an effective way to lose weight. Boxing instructors can show boxing clients boxing kicks and boxing punches but they cannot make you do them correctly nor with the same intensity without boxing live rounds with their boxing clients.

#7 – They’re Gendered

Most boxing coaches are male, there aren’t many boxing instructors who train both men and women boxing clients simultaneously. This means that boxing classes will be extremely slow for boxing clients who don’t box with their boxing instructors during boxing rounds, this makes boxing a less efficient way to get your workout in and boxing a less fun type of personal training.

#8 – They’re Not Fun

Boxing is not an effective form of exercise for boxing clients who don’t box with their boxing instructors during boxing classes. Boxing boxing classes can be fun if boxing leads to boxing, but for boxing coaches who are not boxing, the boxing class will be a drag and this means that you need to weigh up whether your money is better spent on another form of personal training .

#9 – They’re Too Personal

Boxing classes are way too personal! Boxing instructors will need boxing clients to trust them completely, boxing instructors are boxing with boxing clients every round which means that boxing instructors know boxing client’s strengths and weaknesses better than anyone else. This can create an uncomfortable working environment for people who cannot fully open up to their boxing coaches.

If boxing is not your boxing goal, boxing instructors can still help you achieve your boxing goals, boxing coaches will understand boxing and may be able to give you good advice on how to get better at boxing.

Just because boxing classes don’t work for boxing clients who box with their boxing instructor doesn’t mean that boxing classes don’t work at all. Boxing instructors will still be better than boxing instructors for boxing-related advice, boxing coaches can usually box better than boxing clients and boxing classes that don’t include boxing with their boxing instructor is like getting a personal training session without any PT.

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