Salesforce Preparation

If you want a salesforce certification, but don’t have a Salesforce account, you’ll need to build an organization, create a login and password for yourself, and wait for the approval. This can take up to a couple of days so start this process early!

Salesforce has two types of certifications: sales cloud certification and service cloud certification. They require different skills and knowledge so it’s important to know which you want before starting the process. One sales cloud certification is for sales managers, sales reps or sales consultants – basically, anyone who uses Salesforce to manage leads.

Other sales certifications are more technical and are typically intended for administrators of salesforce, developers, data analysts etc. Service cloud certification is for salesforce consultants.

Sales cloud certifications focus on sales and sales processes, sales forecasts and reports among other things. The Salesforce certification exams are fairly technical so it’s a good idea to start this process with a strong base of technical skills to pass the exam on your first try. Salesforce requires sales reps to have salesforce sales certification to use salesforce for sales activities.

If you want a salesforce service cloud certification, this is for sales consultants who are managing sales in salesforce or helping customers with sales in salesforce. This certification focuses on the configuration of sales processes, workflow rules and validations – basically how to make salesforce sales processes work for your clients.

This type of salesforce certification is typically more expensive and requires a higher level of salesforce knowledge so if you want to become a salesforce consultant it may be a better idea to start with a sales cloud certification and then move on to the service cloud certification.

The salesforce certification process begins with salesforce training. You can purchase salesforce certification training from salesforce or through a third party salesforce partner. Salesforce provides sales cloud and service cloud certification courses with all the materials you need to pass the Salesforce exam so it’s usually better to go this route.

In addition to salesforce training, many other activities can help salesforce certification preparation. For sales reps, you should know sales techniques and sales processes in salesforce – how to set sales goals, make sales forecasts, create sales reports etc.

You can use this knowledge in your salesforce training or pay for a third-party professional services firm to train you on sales techniques and salesforce processes.

For sales consultants, salesforce consulting skills are required. Salesforce consultants work with sales managers, sales reps and sales engineers to configure sales processes, workflow rules and formulas in salesforce so you should know your way around salesforce coding – how to create validation rules, formula fields etc.

You can use this knowledge in your salesforce training or pay for a third party salesforce consultant to implement salesforce sales processes for you.

The sales cloud certification process consists of two salesforce exams – sales fundamentals and sales specializations. Sales fundamentals cover the basics of sales, including prospecting, qualifying leads, setting sales goals etc.

There are also specific sales cloud certifications so you should be certain which type of certification you want ( sales rep sales cloud certification and sales manager sales cloud certification ) before taking the salesforce exam.

The sales reps sales cloud certification is typically more affordable than the sales manager sales cloud certification so it might be a good idea to start with this one until you become more familiar with salesforce and then move on to the sales manager sales cloud certification.

The service cloud certification requires one exam for consultants – managing services in salesforce. This exam consists of about 20 questions and takes approximately 50 minutes to complete. You need 60% correct answers to pass this exam so you must read every question carefully and choose your answer based on logic rather than by guessing or skimming questions.

Remember, if you don’t pass this test on your first try you will need to pay salesforce another fee to retake the salesforce exam. However, salesforce does offer salesforce practise tests so you can get used to salesforce certification exams before taking the real thing.

The service cloud certification process includes sales management skills for consultants – how to configure sales processes, workflow rules and formula fields in salesforce, sales analysis techniques using sales reports etc.

You should also have experience using salesforce – either through work or training – so you don’t waste time learning about features that are irrelevant to your work.

You should already know how to use sales management tools in your organization since the service cloud certification focuses on configuring these same tools in salesforce so it is important not to skip any steps when it comes to salesforce preparation.

If you are looking for salesforce preparation activities, salesforce offers sales training on the sales cloud and service cloud. Salesforce also has salesforce tutorials that can help with salesforce certification preparation since they include information about how to use sales management tools in salesforce – creating workflow rules, setting up sales goals etc.

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