IT Services Management Frameworks

Information technology service management is the functions that are carried out by an organization to design, develop, deploy, manage and maintain information technology services provided to clients. The services include designing of information technology infrastructure, development of enterprise software applications, creation and maintenance of application servers, software testing, and maintenance and integration of network infrastructure. A company having a large IT department performs these services on behalf of its client. In most companies, there is an entire department that works on this service and the head or supervisor of this department is called the Information Technology Manager. There are several companies that offer information technology service management services.

How I Improved My It Services Management Frameworks

it services

IT department usually provides support for all hardware and software used in the business. Different departments within an IT department perform different tasks and hence have different management approaches. One of the primary factors that determine the IT service management approach is the type of technology and software that is being used. IT service management, therefore, depends on the type of customer needs that are being addressed by the IT department. There are various techniques that are used in information technology service management and include pre-planning, planning, scheduling, ad hoc management, modeling, integration, deployment, and security.

There are various IT service management frameworks that have been evolved to address different business processes. These frameworks include application service framework (AST), business process framework (BFP), business process re-engineering framework (BPF), business process modeling (BPM), business process optimization (BPO), and software process framework (SPF). These frameworks help an IT department to deliver it services in a cost-effective manner. They also help to integrate the technologies and to make them work together efficiently.

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