Slimline Water Tank – The Ultimate in Compact and Highly Effective Tanks

Slimline water tank stands out among other types of tanks as it is designed to conserve space both on the interior and exterior. It is mainly used in residential as well as commercial settings because of its low-profile and versatile nature. It is made from high-density polyethylene, also known as HDPE, which stands for high-density polyethylene film. This type of plastic material has several advantages over other tanks such as its flexibility, resilience and low maintenance. You can easily attach or remove the water tank to a variety of available installations, depending on the space available.

Why you need Slimline Water Tank

Slimline rainwater tanks have become more popular as they are ideal for dense urban locations where space is also limited. Slimline water tanks come in different sizes to suit the requirements of various users. Choose from more than 25 colors!

The new super slimline water tanks have been especially designed for highly demanding circumstances. They are available with leak-proof caps and come with the required level of osmosis barrier for maximum water flow and durability. They are also available in different capacities from less than a thousand gallons to over 3,000l. The super slim line tanks are available with the option to float valves and spray head at the bottom to increase the capacity greatly.

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