The School of Tantra

How do you identify a genuine tantra school? Somananda tantra school is quite a rarity – a sacred spiritual academy devoted entirely to the true tantric sciences. It is therefore important that seekers from all over the world by delivering new, authentic tantra knowledge in Tantra, Yoga and meditation in an accessible and clear way by using an experienced tantra teacher. Tantra has been taught for thousands of years by powerful spiritual leaders but has been virtually hidden from the everyday public eye. Somananda tantra school is a way for people to access this powerful, mystic art.

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This kind of spiritual school is usually founded on the teachings of a teacher who has profound knowledge and experience in tantric practices, and who has himself initiated the pupils into this ancient science. The first four modules (the theoretical chapters) of any tantric course are usually taught by means of a video or audio recording, allowing the students to listen to these lectures whenever they prefer, rather than having to make their way out of their homes. The final two modules (the practical chapters) are taught live via videotapes, allowing the students to watch the videos in their own time, at their own pace. In the case of Somananda tantra school, the entire eight-module course consists of forty-eight tantra meditation instructions, each carefully woven together by means of a carefully thought-out audio script.

A genuine tantra school offers these lectures, along with various other instructions and teachings, under the tutelage of an accomplished tantra master. A qualified tantra master can help students to access and unleash their deepest tantra energy. This power lies dormant within all of us, but can be brought out through conscious work and action. By learning tantra under a qualified tantra teacher, you will be able to unlock this ancient spiritual energy and use it to make your own changes in your life, for the better.

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