100 Cotton Quilt Covers

100 Cotton Quilt Covers are an absolute must for a bedding ensemble that has a vintage or antique look to it. Quilt covers can be used to either dress up a plain old bedding ensemble or to disguise it. They come in a wide variety of styles and colors, but the most popular ones are those that match and accentuate the color or style of the quilt in question. This way, when the quilt is displayed, it will be more easily spotted and not confused with another piece of quilting or fabric.

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100 cotton quilt covers

100 Cotton Quilt Covers is very easy to make. All that is needed is a base or foundation of a solid color of cotton batting, a top layer of coordinating or contrasting textured or printed fabric, and the bottoms of the quilted pieces. Once the coverings are installed, they needn’t be removed. In fact, some people like to leave them in place as a finishing touch to their quilting projects.

There are many benefits to using 100 cotton quilt covers. The first being that they are extremely inexpensive. While these quilt covers will protect the quilt from dust, sunlight and other elements, they are so inexpensive that they can be made by a novice without spending a fortune on it. They are also relatively durable, which means that although one may experience a bit of wear and tear, it will not be something that would drastically shorten the life of the quilt. With that in mind, when it comes time to replace the coverings, most people find that it is actually a positive thing that they had used a cover before they started to use the original and larger quilting unit that they started out with.

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