Why Skateboarders Love Wakesurf Boards

Wakesurf is an indoor water sports event where a person rides on a large wakeboard without actually being pulled by a boat. Typically by use of a long tow rope, the wakesurfists will attach their wakeboards to a board mounted on a platform on top of the water and simply drop the rope off when up on the wakes. Once they have reached the top of the wake, it is simply a matter of slowing down and balancing the board on their feet. This form of wakesurfing has gained a great deal of popularity over the years, however there are many pros and cons associated with this style of boarding. Here we will look at some of the pros and cons associated with wakesurfing to help you decide if it is right for you.

One of the biggest pros to the wakesurf is that it is much easier to learn and master than surfing or kite boarding. In fact, many experts claim that anyone who has been surfing or kite boarding for any amount of time will already be familiar with the concept of what wakesurfing involves, since it is essentially just a modified version of these two styles of water sports. As well as this, it is much easier to perform tricks on a wakesurfboard since you don’t have to use so much pressure or strength to make your board do certain things. This means that it is much easier to learn tricks such as air-skiing or the infamous ‘wobble’ which all pros use to get off balance and gain control of their boards.

The only real con to the whole idea of wakesurf boards is that they can be very expensive. If you can afford a set of premium high-performance wakesurf boards then the experience is likely to be fantastic, but you should know that even these boards can cost upwards of $1000, which is a large amount of money. Also, you do have to take into account the cost of the accessories required to complete the task of riding a wakesurf board. These can include anything from a helmet, to a leash, to a deck box and of course the actual wake itself, which can easily run into the tens of thousands of dollars.

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