The History Of The Pavers Company

Pavers Walnut Creek California

Pavers in Danville Creek, CaliforniaThe history of the Pavers Company in America is one that is long and rich, as well as being one that is still being experienced today. With a history that is as long as it is beautiful, you can imagine just how many people who live in the United States have been in and around the area of Pavers in California.

The History Of The Pavers Company

The founder of the Pavers Company, Jacob B. Potter, came from the home of a family of farmers in England. After the family was forced out of their home during World War I, Potter worked for a year as a plasterer and worked his way into the business of building houses. He soon learned that the houses were not built to last as well as they should, and when they were built, they were left out in the elements for years on end. So, Potter did what any other person would do in that situation, and that was to build a building that could be taken care of by his employees.

This is how the company started in Walnut Creek, California. As time went on, the company became known for the construction of homes and other structures throughout the United States. Eventually, with the success and recognition of the company in its early days, it became a nationally known name. The company also began manufacturing and distributing products in the United States. The company also began making products for overseas markets. The company’s fame grew, and it became popular enough for people all over the world to come in contact with the company and their products.

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